Thursday, August 13, 2009

The system cannot self repair this error - while accessing SQL database

Database Console Commands (DBCC) check the logical and physical consistency of the SQL database and can also resolve few detected error messages. But there are many issues that can not be resolved by using DBCC commands. In such scenarios, the SQL database corruption mainly occurs due to corrupt metadata, corruptions in certain critical system base tables or hardware failure. For absolute and systematic recovery of SQL database, the user needs to use effective SQL Recovery application.

The error message that appears when a user attempts to access SQL database is:

“The system cannot self repair this error”

After a user encounters the above error message, the data saved in the SQL database becomes inaccessible. The main cause of the above error message is SQL database corruption due to corrupt system database files, Page Free Space (PFS) page damage or corrupt metadata. Another main reason for the above error message can be faulty hardware. To resolve the above error and access the data in SQL database, the user needs to follow these steps:

1) The user can restore the database from latest backup.
2) The user can run DBCC commands with repair option. (For the above error message, the DBCC command can not repair the database.)
3) If there is a hardware issue, the user needs to replace the hard drive.

If the above measures fail to perform, then the user needs to recover the inaccessible data by using efficient SQL Server Recovery software. A SQL Recovery application incorporates advanced and powerful scanning algorithms to recover the lost data.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery is the most advanced SQL Recovery software that repairs and restores the corrupted and damaged .mdf files from MS SQL Server database. With Stellar’s SQL repair software, you can perform complete SQL Database Recovery in all possible data loss scenarios. This read only SQL Repair application can Repair SQL objects including tables, views, saved procedures and triggers. It provides interactive and intuitive user interface and supports MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server 2000. This SQL Repair utility can also recover and restore the backup files of MS SQL Server.

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