Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unexpected SQL Server Connection Termination

Microsoft SQL Server is the popular relational model database server used to create, edit and maintain featured databases. MS SQL Server comes available in various editions, like SQL Server Compact Edition, SQL Server Evaluation Edition, SQL Server Developer Edition and others such. But at times, you observe that SQL Server looses its connection. Without giving any error message, the connection terminates unexpectedly. One of the possible reasons is database corruption and hence, to restore the lost information, you should use your recent data backup. But in case of backup issues, it is recommended to safely repair your database using commercial SQL Server Recovery tools.

Consider a practical scenario; you start the system and SQL Server terminates the connection, with or without displaying an error message. You cannot rebuild the connection in subsequent attempts.


SQL Server terminates the connection if any of the below conditions is true:

SQL Server process has suffered an execution error, for example, it is trying to access an illegal memory address or SQL Server encounters assertion error or stack overflow
A protocol error has occurred in the communication between SQL Server and client library. It could occur due to listed reasons:

Bugs in client library or SQL Server
Hardware issues
Network problems
Resource problems
SQL Server database corruption


To correct these problems, you are required to consider these methods:

Try reinstalling SQL server
Reinstall client library
Troubleshoot hardware problems. You need to use hardware diagnostic utility to detect malfunctioned hardware
Detect and correct networking problems.
To correct resource issues, ensure that sufficient RAM and disk space are available
If database is corrupt, run DBCC CHECKDB command to check. If it reports corruption, use this command with REPAIR_DATA_LOSS command. But it deletes all the damaged information. Thus for safe repair, it is recommended to use third party SQL Repair applications. These SQL Recovery software employ advanced scanning algorithms to analyze the damaged database and repair them intact. In addition, they provide automated database repair functionalities together with read-only design.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery is a premier tool that repairs damaged SQL Server databases. It supports SQL Repair for SQL Server 2000 and 2005. This software provides self-explanatory interface and restores all database objects including tables, user defined data types and functions, triggers, stored procedures, views, rules etc. This SQL Recovery software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT.

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