Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damaged Stored Procedures Might Corrupt SQL Server Database

In DBMS (Database Management System) like Microsoft SQL Server, the Stored Procedures are the set SQL statements, which are stored in the database dictionary. The storage procedures improve security, usability and competence of SQL Server database. In general terms, this is a database query that is stored in compiled form with a name assigned to it. But in some situations, these critical database components might get damaged due to a number of reasons such as improper system shutdown and database inconsistency and make your database inaccessible by damaging it. At this point, you might encounter serious data loss situations that require SQL Recovery to be sorted out.

The stored procedures are generally used for data validation and for the access control mechanism. Additionally, these database objects are also used for consolidating and centralizing the logic, which was initially applied to the software.

The stored procedures are extremely useful objects of SQL Server database and provide substantial performance, abstraction, code rescue, reduced network traffic and most significantly improver performance like advantages. But in some situations, you might come across a number of issues while using the stored procedures.

In a practical scenario, when you attempt to see any stored procedure in SQL Server database with the help of Enterprise Manager of SQL Server, you might encounter below error message:

“Error 0: [SQL-DMO] Object 'dbo.SP_ProcName' was not scripted. It is possible that the information in system table 'syscomments' about the object was corrupt or missing?”

In such situation, you can not even delete the stored procedure by right clicking it and selecting 'Delete' option. At this point, finding the cause of this issue and carrying out SQL Repair by resolving it becomes essential.

Grounds of the issue

As stated in above error, this issue occurs because of corrupt or missing stored procedure. Damaged stored procedure might corrupt entire SQL Server database or some it its parts and make it inaccessible and unusable.

In these critical circumstances, you need to repair and restore damaged database file and retrieve data from it. This is potential through powerful and advanced third party SQL Database Recovery applications, which are capable of handling most of the SQL Server database corruption situations.

These tools use high-end scanning mechanisms to ensure in-depth scanning of damaged database and complete data retrieval. With interactive and simple graphical user interface, these SQL Repair programs are quite easy to use.

SQL Recovery is the most effective application to repair and restore damaged SQL Server database. It supports recovery from MS SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000. This read-only software is designed for Microsoft Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and NT.

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