Saturday, September 5, 2009

Insufficient Space While Upgrading Cause SQL Server Database Corruption

Every new version of a application or system software contains a number of added and advanced features. To gain benefit of these features, you might want to upgrade to newer version. The same thing applies of MS SQL Server. But in some situations, when you try to upgrade the SQL Server, the process may fail and some of the database tables or whole database might get damaged. This behavior of SQL Server renders all of your mission critical data inaccessible and causer serious data loss situations. At this point, to get your valuable data back, you are required to go for SQL Recovery using appropriate tools.

The problem during upgrade might occur if you fail to provide sufficient hard drive space for the database growth. In MS SQL Server upgrade, this situations might damage the sysdepends table in model database and might cause the upgrade process to hang (stop responding) without any warning message.

In these circumstances, you could not access the database and thus stored data. In order to gain access of your mission critical data, you are required to find out the cause of this issue and carry out SQL Repair by sorting it out.

Grounds of the Problem

You might come across this issue if the data file is full (it is possible that only a couple of pages are free in the file) and the growth of the file on data file is set to 0% (percent). In such case, SQL Server upgrade procedure does not get enough free space in the file, which is required to complete upgrade of database. Thus the SQL Server database (MDF file) is left in the partially upgraded and corrupt state.


In order to sort out this problem, go through below steps:
Restore or replace the model data from most recent and complete backup.
Copy in model database from new MS SQL Server installation.
Increase the database size and enable AutoGrow option.

When all else fails to resolve the problem, then you need to opt for SQL Recovery through third party software. These applications are particularly designed to effectively scan the damaged SQL Server database and retrieve all of the data from it. The SQL Database Recovery is carried out in an easy, quick and safe way.

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