Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SQL database corruption result in “Table Error”

A corrupted SQL Server database has many shortcomings, one of them being the unmountability of the database. In most cases, the corruption is caused due to these factors – file system damage, virus infection, metadata structure damage, and concurrent modification of same database component. An error message pops up when you attempt to access the database records after the database is corrupted. This error message does not allow you to view the records stored in that database component. To access data in such situations, you will need to restore the database component from an updated backup. But if in case, the backup is unavailable or has not been maintained for that particular component, then you will need to repair the database using an advanced SQL Database Recovery application.

Consider a practical scenario, where you receive the below error message when you attempt to access the records stored in your database table:

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page ID P_ID1. The PageId in the page header = P_ID2.”

The database table error message makes the records stored in the table inaccessible. The same error pops up every time you try to open that particular database table. This is a severity level 16 error message.


The above error message appears when DBCC asks for P_ID1 page, but found P_ID2 in the disk header. This can occur due to logical or physical damage of the SQL database.


The solutions for the above error message are discussed below:

For solving the physical damages, you will need to replace the damaged system component with a brand new component.

For solving logical crashes, run DBCC CHECKDB command to identify the exact level of corruption. After complete identification, run the same command with the appropriate repair clause. The result of the repair primarily depends upon the page type. However, if the above command fails to repair the database, then you will need to opt for a powerful SQL Database Repair software.

These SQL Repair tools can be downloaded from the Internet and are easy to understand because of their interactive user-interface. With no modifications on the original database, these tools are absolutely safe to use.

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