Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips to resolve “Could not repair this error” Error Message

There are some error messages that can not be resolved by automatic fixes. These error messages mainly occur when the MS SQL database file gets badly corrupted, resulting into complete damage of its metadata structure. In such cases, the database records stored in the database file become inaccessible. For overcoming the consequences created after such error messages, you will need to use an updated database backup to restore the records. While most of the database administrators ensure that they have an readily backup available at the time of such adversities, there are certain instances where they either forget to create a backup or there backup file gets corrupted. In such situations, the database file can be easily repaired by using advanced MS SQL Repair application.

To illustrate the above case, consider a practical situation, where you receive the below error message while mounting the SQL Server database:

“Could not repair this error”

The above error message not only makes the database unmountable, but also makes its records inaccessible. To add to your difficulties, you receive the same error message (does not specify the exact cause) every time you attempt to access the database.


The above error message primarily occurs SQL database corruption because three below reasons:

There are some errors in the PFS (Page Free Space) page.
Unable to rebuild clustered index of critical system tables.
Unable to rebuild corrupted GAM or SGAM pages.

The above error message is a severity level 10 error message and can be caused due to logical or physical crashes.


The error message can be resolved by repairing the database by using a third-party SQL Repair tool. A MS SQL Recovery utility can be downloaded from the Internet and can be used even by a novice user. The database repair software does not overwrite the original content of MDF file, making a risk-free repair application. The to-the-point documentation of the software makes the software easily understandable. Such tools are developed by highly qualified data recovery experts.

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