Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fixing “Table Error ... index ID I_ID B-tree level mismatch...” Error

Corruption of MS SQL database can result into damage of metadata structure entries, which can further result into inaccessibility of records saved in the SQL database components. In most cases of metadata structure damage, you receive an error message that specifies the exact metadata entry, which is corrupt. To overcome the error message and to access the database components records, an ideal way is to restore it from an updated backup. However, there are thousand of situations, where either the backup gets corrupted or the database administrator forgets to create a backup. In such cases, the only way to access records of a corrupted SQL database component is by repairing it with a powerful third-party MS Recover SQL application.

Consider a practical case, where you receive the below error message while trying to access a SQL database table:

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID B-tree level mismatch, page P_ID1. Level LEVEL1 does not match level LEVEL2 from parent P_ID2.”

The table error message doe not allows the table to open, resulting into inaccessibility of all its records.


The cause for the above table error message is metadata structure damage, due to which the values of the pages (stored in the form of B-tree structure) changes. The changed values corrupt the linking between the parent nodes and the child nodes in a B-tree.


To resolve SQL database corruption, caused due to any reason, follow the below measures:

If the corruption in SQL database is caused due any physical damage of the system component, then you will need to swap that component with a new component.
If the problem persists even after changing the system component, then it is a logical corruption scenario. For such cases, you will need to run DBCC CHECKDB command with a repair clause.

However, if the error message appears even after running the command, then you will need to opt for a effective SQL Repair utility that can repair your database. The demo versions of such MS SQL Recovery tools allows you to preview you repaired SQL database.

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