Friday, February 5, 2010

Tips to resolve “Table error … offset 0xADDRESS is invalid” Error

A table in MS SQL database can be corrupted due to various reasons. One of the most common being the corruption in metadata structure, caused due to damage of SQL Server damage. Once the table gets corrupted, it fails to display records stored in it. Furthermore, you also receive an “Table Error” message that does not allow you add any new records. An easy way to overcome such hazards is by restoring the table from an updated backup. But, with probabilities of backup file being corrupted, not updated, or inaccessible always exist. In such situations, the database user is left with no option, but to repair the corrupted table. To effectively do so, the user need to search for an advanced SQL Recovery application.

To illustrate the above case, below is a Table error message that appears after your SQL database table gets corrupted:

“Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID. Test (TEST) failed. Slot S_ID, offset 0xADDRESS is invalid.”

The consequences of this error message might prove fatal, as it makes all the records inaccessible.


The above Table error message pops up after the table gets corrupted due to logical or physical crash.


The resolution for the above Table error message is discussed below:

In case the table is corrupted due to hardware (system component) crash, then the database user needs to check the logs of SQL Server and System. This enables the user to verify the component that is physically damaged. For comprehensive resolution, the user needs to install a new component in place of damaged component.
In case the table is corrupted due to logical crash, then the user needs to run DBCC CHECKDB with a repair clause. In most cases, the above command repairs the database tables. But if in case, the above falls short of repairing the damaged table, then the user needs to look out for an effective SQL Repair application.

A SQL Repair software is a product developed by highly qualified database repair experts. The tool is easily understood without any prior technical knowledge.

SQL Recovery is an absolute answer to all SQL database corruption scenarios. The software repairs all database file components created in SQL Server 2008, 20005, and 2000. Designed for Windows 7, Vista, 2008, XP, 2003, 2000, the SQL Repair utility is totally non-destructive.

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