Friday, March 26, 2010

Insufficient Disk Space During Upgrade May Corrupt SQL Server Database

You may encounter SQL Server object or database corruption if you fail to provide enough disk space for the database growth while upgrading Microsoft SQL Server database. This situation may damage sysdepends table in model database and the process may stop responding. You do not receive any error message when this process fails and table corruption occurs. After corruption, the database may become inaccessible and you encounter data loss. In order to retrieve inaccessible data from MDF (Master Database File) database of SQL Server, you need to opt for MS SQL Recovery alternatives.

The sysdepends is a SQL Server database table, which provides dependency relationship information between persistent objects of database. The persistent objects can be providers (database objects depend upon them) and/or dependents (they depend upon other database objects).

Root of the problem

This problem occurs if data file is nearly full (only a few pages are free) and file growth on data file is adjusted to 0% (percent). In this case, the upgrade process doesn't have sufficient scape to finish the upgrade of database. In such circumstances, the database is left in partially upgraded and corrupt state. To Recover SQL database in these situations, you need to sort out this behavior.


To fix the above mentioned problem:

Replace 'model' database. Follow the below mentioned steps to replace it:
Restore a good copy of SQL Server model database to affected server. If you encounter any error regarding 'msdb' database, you can ignore it.
Copy in the model database from new MS SQL Server installation. After copying in a new model database, you may lose the changes that you have made to previous model database.
Restore a model database of the earlier version of SQL Server and increase the size of database. Add new database to SQL Server installation.
Re-run the SQL Server upgrade process.

The above method helps you to fix model database corruption, but can not repair the damaged SQL Server database. To retrieve data from MDF file, SQL Database Recovery is required.

Recovery is best possible with the help of advanced MS SQL Recovery software. These are third-party utilities, which thoroughly scan entire database to extract all inaccessible or damaged data from it.

SQL Recovery is a read-only and easy to use software for absolute recovery of damaged MDF database. The software works well with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000. It restores all database objects such as tables, reports, forms, constraints, stored procedures, and triggers.

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