Sunday, April 25, 2010

DBCC CHECKTABLE Doesn't Work on a Table That Has Corrupted Indexes

Microsoft SQL Server stores all your valuable data in the MDF (Master Database File) in the form of tables. You can access data from the SQL Server database tables, using SQL queries. Under some circumstances, the database tables become inconsistent and you cannot access data from it. This behavior of MS SQL Server leads to significant data loss situations. At this point of time, you must have absolute backup of the database to restore the data from. However, if the backup is not available or not updated, you are required to use MS SQL Recovery applications to extract inaccessible data.

When you run the DBCC CHECKTABLE command on MS SQL Server database table to check the consistency and integrity of the table, you may come across the below error message:

“[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]ConnectionCheckForData (PeekNamedPipe()).
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Named Pipes]Connection broken.”

The table checking gets terminated with this error. The error message occurs in the SQL Server database table, which has damaged indexes. The table remains inaccessible after this error message and you need to Recover SQL database to extract data.

DBCC CHECKTABLE is an in-built command-line utility in Microsoft SQL Server, which is used for checking the consistency and integrity of all structures and pages, which make up the indexed view or table.


You may come across this behavior of Microsoft SQL Server due to severe corruption in the SQL Server database table. The table corruption may occur due to numerous reasons, such as virus infection, application malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, hardware problems, operating system malfunction, and more.


Try out the below steps to sort out this problem:

Obtain the latest service pack of Microsoft SQL Server. It helps you to prevent this problem from being occurred in future.
Drop all the automatically created statistics.
Restore SQL Server database from the most recent backup.
Repair and restore the damaged SQL Server database using powerful and advanced third-party applications, known as SQL Server Recovery software.

The SQL Server Recovery applications are particularly designed to carry out in-depth scan of entire SQL Server database using high-end scanning techniques and extract all inaccessible data from it. The software has read-only conduct and rich graphical user interface to ensure quick, safe, and easy recovery in all cases of SQL Server database corruption.

SQL Recovery software repairs and restores Microsoft SQL Server database in an absolute way. The software works well with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000. It restores all damaged objects of Microsoft SQL Server database, such as tables, reports, forms, macros, view, constraints, triggers, and stored procedures.

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